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Carstensz Expedition by Chopper


Timika-Base camp-Carstensz-Timika.


7 days – 6 nights

Day Plan Description
1 Arrive in Timika. Arrival in Timika, transfer to hotel,

preparation of climbing equipment, welcome dinner.

2 Arranging permits at Immigration and training at Mobile Brigade Corps headquarters. After breakfast, guests and the team go to immigration office to arrange climbing permit. If the process runs fast, we will have lunch and do basic climbing training at Mobile Brigade Corps headquarters. (The schedule is flexible depending on the agreement

with the Immigration authorities).

3 Timika-Basecamp Heading to the airport at 5 o’clock and fly to Basecamp with helicopter,

Build camp, spend the night in Basecamp.

4 Aclimatization Training around the Basecamp to suit

Body temperature with the environment around Carstensz.

5 Carstensz Summit Team should start climbing early in the morning to reach the peak at around 10.30 to 11.00 which the weather tends to be nice (sometimes with thin fog). Special skill is very

important since difficulty level of climbing Carstensz is estimated ****


(Very difficult) to set foot on top of it. In addition to steep rocks, extremely cold temperature and thin oxygen, team will cross an extremely steep gap (Tyrolean Travers) through a pair of rope. After summit, team

should return to Basecamp.

6 Reserve day Day 6 is a reserve day in case that the weather in previous day is bad and it is not safe to climb to top of


7 Basecamp-Timika Return to Timika in a helicopter.
8 Extra day If it is possible, client(s) will be escorted for a tour around the town

to see local people’s culture closely and hunt for souvenir.

9 Timika-Hometown Leaving Timika.


Note: Schedule might change due to bad weather or helicopter availability.




No ITEMS TYPE Unit Total
Trekking Equipment
1. Backpack 60/70 liter 1 pc
2. Mountaineering Shoes 1 pair
3. Sleeping bag * Down 1 pc
4. Sleeping mat / mattress Inflattable mattres 1 pc
5. Duffle Bag 100-120 liter 1 pc
6. Sunglasses 100% UV


1 pc
7. Water Bottle 1 liter BPA free 1 pc
8. Thermos bottle (1 liter) 1 pc
9. Head Lamp 1 pc
10. Sun Screen + Lip Balm 50 Spf 2 pcs
11. Dry bag 5 liter, 10 liter 2 pcs
12. Light down Jacket Insulate 1 pc
13. Synthetic T-shirt synthetic (no cotton) 3 pcs
14. Base Layer / long john Wool Shirt


1 pc
15. Mid Layer Fleece / polar 1 pc
16. Outer Layer Gore-Tex Jacket 1 pc
17. Rain coat Trekking Rain coat 1 pair
18. Trekking Pants Quick dry /


2 pcs
19. Technical Pants Waterproof/gore-tex 1 pc
20. Buff 2 pcs
21. Balaclava Fleece / wool 1 pc
22. Light Glove Fleece 2 pair
23. Insulated Glove 2 layers / waterproof 1 pair
24. Trekking Sock Coolmax 3 pair


Climbing Equipment
25. Harness Alpine style, quick


1 pc
26. Locking Carabineers Pear 4 pcs
27. Snap Carabineers Not for sport 4 pcs
28. Prusik 6 mm Do not cut 7 meter
29. Ascenders Fit hand orientation

(right & left handed)

2 pc
30. Descender Figure 8 1 pc
31. Helmet Climbing Helmet 1 pc
32. Sandals 1 pair
33. Passport bag 1 pc
34. Personal Medicine 1 pack
35. Hand Sanitizer 1 pc
36. Toilet Paper 1 roll
37. Camera Pocket 1 pc
38. Travel Bag Cabin size 1 pc
39. Toilet kit 1 set
40. Extra Batteries
41. Umbrella 1 pc


Expedition team must provide and bring climbing equipment themselves. PT Adventure Carstensz ONLY provides tents and cooking utensils during expedition.


2 Pax = USD —/pax

4 Pax =USD —/pax

6 pax = USD —/pax

8 pax = USD —/pax

10 pax = USD—/pax

The price includes:

  1. Helicopter rent (Timika-Basecamp-Timika).
  2. Domestic flight (Bali-Timika-Bali).
  3. Accommodations in Timika (Hotel + transportation).
  4. All necesarry
  5. All Meals in Timika (before and after expedition).
  6. All expedition
  7. Tents (2 Pax/tent).
  8. Professional local guide(s), cook(s) and porters (if needed).
  9. Satelite

The price NOT includes:

  1. Airfare to and from origin country to Jakarta/Bali.
  2. Indonesia entry
  3. Overweight bagagge charge (Bali-Timika-Bali).
  4. Personal insurance (travel insurance, medical insurance).
  5. Accomodation and meals outside
  6. Personal climbing
  7. Rescue cost during the expedition in an emergency situations. (around 5000 USD).
  8. Bar, laundry, massage, liquor and any personal
  9. *RTB (Return to base) cost.

* RTB is a condition where the pilot decides to return because of bad weather and endanger safety if continued.


 Adventure Carstensz will return the client’s money for a number of conditions, such as: Security issues, Helicopter unavailibility and internal company problems that occur before, or during the expedition.

Cancelation prior to arrival in Indonesia:

 100 % refundable


Cancelation prior to arrival in Timika:

Deducted USD 680/person from the package price, covering the expense of airfare penalty fees, permit, and accommodation.

Cancelation after you arrived in Timika:

Deducted USD 1.130/ person from the package price (Helicopter cancelation fee, return ticket Timika-Bali-Timika, permit, accommodation,

and transportation)


  1. Why does it cost a lot of money to summit Carstensz?
    1. You can reach Carstensz through two ways: helicopter or trekking. Renting a helicopter from Timika to Basecamp (one way) costs you around Rp 45.000.000 – Rp 53.000.000 (USD 3.500 – USD 4,000). If you prefer trekking, you should rent a small plane which costs the similar amount.
    2. Why? It is the only transportation mode to the rural area in Papua, including Sugapa, where you start trekking. You can go on a commercial plane that costs you Rp 000 (USD 30) up to Rp. 2.000.000 (USD 150).

However, it will be difficult, because the passenger’s baggage is limited for this type of small plane. Moreover, you have to carry your climbing equipment which will be considered overcapacity.

  1. Trekking route to Carstensz is Therefore, the cost that you have to pay for guide and porter in expedition will be over Rp 5.000.000 (USD 400) per person.



  1. Is the trekking route safe?

There are too many negative stories about Papua that we cannot control their spread and biases. There must be social issues anywhere in the world, especially in the area where people stick their lives to their custom and culture like Papuan. However, there has never been a case where our clients found terrible problems when they went to Carstensz through trekking.

Clients’ safety is our first priority. Therefore, if there is a safety issue related to trekking route is blown around and we cannot confirm the clarity of this kind of


  1. Should local clients pay lower than international ones?

There is no difference of cost between local and international clients. The offered price(s) has been suited to the expenses clients need to spend on to stand on top of Carstensz. Information, we will suggest our clients to go on a helicopter. Nevertheless, we will be happily escorting our clients to go along trekking route when we have clear and precise information about safety along trekking route.

More info, Contact

Jl. Trikora-Wamena-(Papua). Mobile. +62 812-4762-870-8 (WhatsApp).  Skype: wasage3. E-mail:,  Find me also on Face book: Trek Papua: profile